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Saleh the Guard 2022


“My name is Ella, I am 19 years old and I have been in Buca City for five days taking photos for my photography class assignment. Buka is a city in Mesopotamian style, full of wonders, however, nowadays, with the development of the internet, the pictures I took are similar to most of the scenes I saw online, which makes me feel less satisfied. Just when I was about to return without success ......


I was bitten by a snake with wings. Just saying this makes me feel like I'm either dreaming or hallucinating because of the heat. The snake's owner was a boy with the same big wings, like a linnet. He said he lived in a garden on top of the tree, that his snake was poisonous, and that I would die if I refused to follow him up to the tree. Are you kidding me?”

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